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For decades, one possibility of treating seizures in children has been the ketogenic diet. Once the mainstay of epilepsy treatment, the troublesome ketogenic diet faded to a lesser position with the advent of pharmaceutical drugs capable of... [read more]
How many hours of sleep are best for you every night? Do you sleep the same amount every night?  On average, Americans sleep less during the week, 6-plus hours, and creep up above 7 hours on the weekend. In a recent study discussed in the Wall... [read more]
I just made an appointment with a Physical Therapist specializing in athletes with knee problems: I loved giving my Medicare information and saying also that I am an athlete! Okay, I have to say I’m a side-lined athlete until the PT can perform... [read more]
Two very important life-style choices might be of significant benefit if you want to prevent a recurrence of colon cancer.  A recently released study identified both regular exercise (60 minutes weekly) and twice weekly fish meals as factors... [read more]
One of the recent newsletters from a popular health and fitness doctor suggested that we only need exercise a bit more to keep from gaining weight. Evidently all the different health authorities have calculated the amount of exercise needed. The... [read more]
I was recently on a “Preventing Diabetes and Obesity” panel with a local cardiologist. I asked him what he thought about all the recent review studies clearing saturated fat of any association with heart disease. His response was, “Well, a little... [read more]
Someone at the FDA must subscribe to the DrDeborahMD newsletter? You might remember some time ago that I suggested the conventional wisdom might be erroneous: the risk of daily aspirin is real, and people without known heart disease have no real... [read more]
A recent study adds to the growing body of research evaluating low carbohydrate and very low carbohydrate diets. Working with a group of overweight and obese adults, all of whom qualified as either pre-diabetic or type 2 diabetics, researchers... [read more]
So far the research has just been done in mice, but it’s a provocative study, given that we’re learning more every day about the critical role played by the nature of the friendly bacteria living in our intestines. Well, friendly or not so friendly... [read more]
Although some dermatologists would insist that sensible and sun do not belong in the same sentence, scientists have begun to ferret out the explanation for what many people – including myself! – have come to believe: a certain amount of sensible (... [read more]