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Healthy and Rich?

Ezekiel J. Emanuel, writing in last Sunday's New York Times, insists that "We Can Be Healthy And Rich" (link is external), suggests that wise cost control measures can produce greater health care efficiency in the US. There is no doubt that we need greater health in the US, although I'm not sure that cost cutting in the health care industry will take us far in that pursuit. I have no argument that we spend too much on health care, although Emanuel cites likely cuts in labor costs and the tough pill we'll have to swallow, much like the displaced agricultural workers yielded to the tractor's appearance on the scene.

Meditation Made Simple

For people new to meditation, the activity can seem daunting. There are many excellent books, articles and religious traditions that describe different practices of meditation. When people read a book about meditation, many people give up before they start, fearing they will never be able to quiet their mind.

Yet the catalogue of meditation's benefits should inspire anyone to consider devoting a little bit of time to it. Meditation has been observed to be helpful in situations ranging from simple stress, to headaches, including migraines, low back pain, hypertension, and more.

The most important thing to remember about meditation is that if you follow these guidelines, you are doing it correctly - in fact, you are doing it perfectly. The act of meditating is simple. Any thought or desire to have a perfectly quiet mind is a separate subject, and not necessarily any greater benefit to your health than the simple practice of meditating.

The simple steps include