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Finding Healthy foodI am committed to helping you get access to the right ingredients so that you can make the right choices for a healthy life. At the launch of this venture, we are starting to catalog the significant resources of the organic and sustainable food movements so that wherever you live shop or work, will be the first point of reference to find the food you want.

As part of our broader mission, I want to begin creating a database that will link to every producer in the country that grows organic food in a sustainable way, every artisan cheese or butter maker, every small and large farmer who sees sustainability as central to their world.

We already know that the organic food movement is expected to grow at 20% next year and that the “Eat Local, Buy Local” movement is growing rapidly. wants to play our part and would encourage you to do yours as well.

How can you help?

Send us the names and addresses of any local organic or sustainable producer you know and like. We'll get in touch with them and see if they meet our standards for inclusion in our database. Together we will create a valuable and comprehensive survey of the best food produced and delivered with the highest regard for the people and planet that bring you that food.

Can Organic Foods Feed the Future?

Organic farming is the only way to undo the frightening loss of precious topsoil, large-scale environmental pollution, and an ailing society of chemically contaminated people with which the past 70 years of farming in America have left us. The only feasible way forward is to nurture the soil, animals, and people back to health by cutting out synthetic chemicals and replenishing all of the nutrients we take out of the land—and the only way to do that is through organic farming. Organic farming is the future.

In 1990, the annual revenue for organic produce was $1 billion; by 2010, this figure had risen to $26.7 billion. The concept of organic farming has clearly caught the public's imagination. Organic farming is the fastest growing sector of agriculture, currently increasing by at least 20 percent a year.

Organic Farming and Organic Eating

Organic farming embraces the concepts of respect for the soil and the environment, nutrient-dense produce, balance, biodiversity, and quality of life for livestock. Organic farming assumes that if the soil is healthy, then the plants it produces will be healthy and the people and animals eating the plants will be healthy, too. Organic farming works with nature rather than against it.