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Real Food

Have you ever been confused about just what is healthy to put in your body?

I love to discuss the subject of how we feed ourselves just as much as I love to put the advice to good use, and I like to make the information as straightforward and reliable as possible. No longer a guilty pleasure, nutritious and delicious food finds its way to our plates and our palates. My task is to gather the wisdom of the ancients, the insights of modern scientists, and the recipes of brilliant chefs so that I can help you to find truly nourishing food!

Our human physiology is designed to enjoy food. Just anticipating the flavors, we actually start to prepare to digest it. Set fork to mouth and an amazing array of processes are set in motion. Lively, nutrient-dense foods encourage the many parts of our digestive tracts to rise to the occasion! Stomach acid, bile juices, and digestive enzymes may not sound as delicious as the perfectly cooked meal we are eating, but they are indeed what our body needs to benefit from the nutrients packaged in the food. Because the value of good nutrition is not about what you eat, but rather what you absorb and retain. Starting with healthy, organic, nutrient dense foods is your best start.

With a smaller stomach and larger brain than other animals, we must use our brains to find the right foods, prepare them correctly, and evaluate their usefulness. Every step of the way, from the most basic farming practices, to food selection, storage, and preparation, can enhance or detract from the value of the food. The quality of food has an absolute effect on its usefulness to create health. Happily, the food that is best for us comes from farming methods that are most gentle to the earth and sustainable for the ecology of the planet.

When our food lacks the full nutrition we need, our supplements must have an equally familiar and friendly interaction with our digestion. Wherever possible, I recommend food-based supplements for their nutritional quality and for their cleaner environmental profile.

I welcome you to these Real Food pages where we will explore every topic related to finding food, eating food, and evaluating and supplementing the food we eat. I hope to work in partnership with you, encouraging the growth of sustainable organic farming methods that yield nutritional food and a greener planet. My deepest hope for the planet is that fresh vegetables are grown within a stone's throw of everyone, and that pastured dairy cows and grass-fed beef thrive locally everywhere.