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“Oh no, they rushed Harvey to the hospital, they think he’s having a heart attack!” Something dramatic has happened in Harvey’s life, and a complex chain of events set in motion. If he’s lucky, there will be no heart attack, but he will be... [read more]
Have you been checking in with old friends?  New friends? Even just your “regular friends” whom now you haven’t seen for the last month?  I delight in knowing that—to the best of my knowledge—everyone is okay. But of course, there are many who aren... [read more]
If you were to ask me what my greatest health challenge was, I would have answered you with clarity and assurance, "I am just not a very good sleeper."  I might explain my different strategies and interventions and supplements that I experiment... [read more]
Our annual December tradition starts today: store-wide 10% discount so you can take care of yourself or your loved ones during this busy and dark holiday season. Use the code HCPC416HOLIDAY today through the close of business on January 1 to... [read more]
About a year ago I met a lovely couple, both concerned about possible cognitive changes the husband was experiencing.  Joe could still do many of the things he loved to do: his balance and skill at martial arts paired with an interest in Buddhist... [read more]
Special call out to those interested in brain health! You may know that we offer a free series on brain health, the last Tuesday of every month, 6 p.m. at the Rogue Regional Hospital’s Smullin Center.  This month we’d love to crowd-source the topic... [read more]
(No that's not milk, scroll to bottom of article for explanation. Yes, gardens on the "farm" in the background!) It’s just possible that the scientific world is shifting its paradigm of understanding metabolic disease. That’s a cumbersome mouthful... [read more]
No one is perfect, and I'll include myself in that imperfect grouping! I've been struggling recently with my only serious and chronic health condition: given the least bit of stress (oh there are many options here) or excitement (good or bad, eager... [read more]
I'm excited (and yes of course a little bit nervous!) to announce that I'm expanding my practice to include a cognition-focused practice, working with another physician and a team of health coaches, and hopefully someday soon a nutritionist!  As... [read more]
You have to be close to my age to recognize the lyrics taken from Guys and Dolls, an influential movie of my childhood, a story for another day. How the song goes is something like, yes I can wish you riches and good luck, but More I cannot wish... [read more]