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Why haven’t I seen this information before now!? It doesn’t change my mind, but if you are still getting routine mammograms, it might change yours. I saw this article first in Consumer Reports. The Institute of Medicine, the nonprofit arm of... [read more]
It's the sugar. I predict that within 5 years, doctors will not be relying on routine lipid panels to assess risk of cardiovascular disease. My prediction reveals my inherent nature as an optimist! Since dietary fat was mistakenly... [read more]
Calcium's role in the body is vast: not only is it the main component of healthy bones, but in all its other locations it participates in the proper balance of electrolytes that facilitate communication between cells as well as the production of... [read more]
We had a great winter retreat in Arizona this winter, and enjoyed a wide variety of talks. All of which directed themselves one way or another toward a health, ancestral-based, lifestyle. Jeffrey Gerber, MD, Denver’s Diet Doctor, suggested... [read more]
We don't need to read any statistics, we all know that there are way too many disabled veterans in this country, and that they don't seem to be getting any effective help. Right now, everything changes. Inspired by the success of a local veteran--... [read more]
**Wrapping up the holidays, I have extended my discount code to you. All prices in my online store are 10% discounted with the coupon HCPC416HOLIDAY. Follow through with that New Year's intention to take good care of yourself!!*** We are definitely... [read more]
Low carb ketosis for athletes? The long-awaited study by Dr. Jeff Volek and team has been released. They studied endurance athletes; endurance is a term that could apply to events as short as rowing a 1K (3-5 minutes) to a 26-mile running marathon... [read more]
How's your memory? Although most of us can accept a few glitches in memory as we get older, the thought of losing significant cognitive ability is terrifying. How can we enjoy the wisdom of age if we can't remember it? It has been previously... [read more]
I definitely have a bad eating habit, and it’s not fast food, it’s eating food too fast. I can’t blame it on my medical training, it’s always been true. I can blame it on being in a hurry about many things: I also talk too fast. But I have a new... [read more]
A panel of experts vested by the World Health Organization to evaluate the effects of eating meat reported on Monday (October 25, 2015) that eating processed meat (hot dogs, ham, bacon, etc.) raises the risk of colon cancer and that consuming other... [read more]