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Researchers in Japan interviewed seniors (hovering around 67 years of age) regarding their protein intake, either animal or plant, and evaluated their functional abilities measured in social, intellectual, and physical activity spheres. You can... [read more]
The big news this week? A major journal published a study despite clear conflict of interest between the lead author and his cherished headline! Okay, it’s not the favorite journal of anyone I know, but it certainly has received a lot of press... [read more]
My office practice is old-fashioned, no nurse helping me, so I personally handle any measurements that need to be made. Rather than weigh people, I measure their waist and compare it to their height.  If your waist is at or under half your height,... [read more]
“Amber waves of grain” we sing, believing that wheat has been and perhaps should be a part of American identity. William Davis, in his New York Times bestselling book, Wheat Belly, tells us that wheat has changed and, in his opinion, is no longer... [read more]
The latest news on mammography has a long history worth summarizing. In 1980 a huge study was undertaken in Canada, investigating whether women who had annual careful breast exams derived any added benefit from also getting a routine, annual... [read more]
I came across a remarkable paper today, published in the American Journal of Medicine, and remarkably (!) fully available online.  Two MD authors, James E. Dalen, MPH and Stephen Devries, FACC, summarize carefully and clearly 56 years of... [read more]
It has been noted previously that diabetes, even mild elevation of blood sugar, increases the risk of developing dementia with advancing age. Because many diabetics also develop cardiovascular disease, it has been difficult to say whether the... [read more]
Can we please write "Defense of Sugar" underneath the R.I.P. on the grim photo above? When I went to medical school, people really did say "a calorie is a calorie" and insisted that sugar was no more harmful than the same amount of calories in... [read more]
Did you know you can develop incredible tolerance to exercising in the cold, and it might be a good idea? Check out this woman’s remarkable abilities to withstand cold temperatures in her determination to befriend beluga whales. If just watching... [read more]
Intermittent fasting (IF) is a bit of a buzz word among those interested in the wisest way to eat to optimize health and performance. IF seems to allow gentle calorie restriction without its usual problems of metabolic downregulation and hormone... [read more]