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Watch out for Wheat

Conventional media has picked up a sliver of the Paleo, Low-Carb eating craze by interviewing, albeit briefly, Dr. William Davis on CBS This Morning, September 3, 2012. Congrats to them for addressing a small part of several controversies: the wheat industry and the obesity problem.

The good news: raising the subject that all that bread isn’t all that good for us to eat, no matter how whole grain it is.

The bad news: both Dr. Davis and CBS co-operate to serve up a highly simplified version of several problems. Namely, wheat may stimulate appetite, but all carbohydrates, by virtue of being carbohydrates, enhance weight gain and increase risk of diabetes. Similarly all grains have some anti-nutrient properties that are minimized by proper preparation but are potential health hazards if poorly prepared. He makes reference to one potentially hazardous component of wheat, when in fact there are multiple potential problems. 

The side news: gluten-free products are not necessarily the answer. For anyone paying attention for issues of weight or health, gluten-free products are usually highly processed, quite refined, and thus highly glycemic, stimulating a brisk insulin response.

The solution: anything you can eat with bread you can eat without bread.. or crackers.. or pasta. You just might need a spoon for that last bite of egg yolk.

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