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Just Say No to Dr. Weil on Soy

One of my goals is to help you sift through the often conflicting information you might read from different “healthy news” sources. Dr. Weil recently picked up a story from the news and suggested, just like the research rats, you trade one poison for another. If you were forced to choose between rat feed, with either inorganic extracted milk casein or soy protein, perhaps your liver would be better with the soy protein. Luckily you are not an experimental rat.

For humans it's quite clear that soy is not a health food (causing digestive disturbance, allergies, and wielding a fairly potent carbohydrate effect), nor is extracted milk casein.

Fatty liver, when not caused by excessive alcohol, is now known to be a common early manifestation of type 2 diabetes. The best treatment for fatty liver is to follow the recommendations in the Diabetes Health Action and the Weight Loss Plan if you are also overweight.