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Real Food

Food for Growing Children

I was pleased to see a "mother and baby" visit on my schedule: I love those appointments that are truly family-centered, with at least two generations included! Karen came to her appointment with her four-month old cherished and cheerful son, Tyler.

“I had hoped to nurse for a full year, but it’s just not working for me. With the house remodel and my husband’s work schedule, I just need to transition him to food. We eat great, but does that diet work for him?”

Healthy and Rich?

Ezekiel J. Emanuel, writing in last Sunday's New York Times, insists that "We Can Be Healthy And Rich" (link is external), suggests that wise cost control measures can produce greater health care efficiency in the US. There is no doubt that we need greater health in the US, although I'm not sure that cost cutting in the health care industry will take us far in that pursuit. I have no argument that we spend too much on health care, although Emanuel cites likely cuts in labor costs and the tough pill we'll have to swallow, much like the displaced agricultural workers yielded to the tractor's appearance on the scene.


Homeopathic remedies make a perfect first aid kit. With twelve simple remedies, you can help yourself or your family members heal from many common injuries and illnesses.

Homeopathy is a 200-year old system of natural medicine that gently encourages the body to heal itself using homeopathic remedies made from natural substances. The remedies are highly diluted and therefore always safe and gentle. With a few simple instructions, anyone can successfully use our select group of First Aid Remedies for common accidents and illnesses. For successful dosing of the remedy refer to the instructions at the end of the article.

As with any First Aid intervention, medical evaluation is always indicated for severe or persistent pain or symptoms.


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