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Sleep Disorders

Sleepless and you've tried everything...

You’ve tried everything. You’ve read through my sleep articles here and here and of course, here, and you’re still not sleeping well. This column is for you. Five insomnia fixes that work for some of the most stubborn sleep problems around. And three important reasons to keep looking until you find something that works for you. One blog I like lists dozens and dozens of sleep solutions: no one needs all of them, but each of us needs a different combo of solutions if we are sleep-challenged.


FIRST: Love the clock, the circadian clock.

You might be able to avoid completely the alarm clock, waking fresh and refreshed at your rising time if you honor your internal clock. Our body loves to work on a 24 hour schedule, kind of a like a sleepless toddler, that is—once it’s properly trained!

Solutions for Insomnia, Updated

What Is Known About Insomnia
Healthy Steps: Insomnia—First Steps
Healthy Steps: Insomnia—Full Program
Preventing Insomnia
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Revised May 20, 2016

When was the last time you had trouble sleeping? Too much caffeine, emotional stress, loud neighbors, or the anticipation of leaving on a trip can all interfere with a good night’s rest. But if you frequently have trouble going to sleep or staying asleep, you can count yourself among the one-third of Americans who suffer from insomnia. In the US, insomnia is the third most common health complaint after headaches and colds.