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For Yourself or a Loved One

Our annual December tradition starts today: store-wide 10% discount so you can take care of yourself or your loved ones during this busy and dark holiday season. Use the code HCPC416HOLIDAY today through the end of December to receive your discount! 

A couple thoughts that might help anyone:

  • Designs for Health liquid vitamin D3. I particularly like liquid forms of vitamin D3 for two reasons. I've seen the best improvement in low D3 levels from liquid supplements and liquid dosing makes it easiest to ratchet your daily dose up or down as you need to. If you take D3 in this form, be sure to measure out your daily dose directly into a spoon or onto a bite of food; don't lose it by mixing with an entire meal.
  • Thorne Research Calcium-d-glucarate helps your liver metabolize toxins, which might include extra indulgences in spiked eggnog (it's the spike not the eggs!) or simply the car exhaust from getting yourself to the crafts faire!
  • Allergy Research Group's formulation of Saccharomyces boulardii  is a particularly good probiotic, among many good ones, when you just might over-indulge a bit in sweet foods. Eating an abundance of sugar can super-feed the yeast known as Candida albicans  that can contribute to digestive upset, yeast infections...and more sugar cravings!  S. boulardii competes with candida and can help keep the trouble-making yeast under control.
  • Finally, Barlean's Ultra High-Potency Omega Swirl Fish Oil will dose you nicely with omega-3 fatty acids if, just possibly, your holiday platters include a lot more poultry, nuts, and breads, and not quite as much fish as normal. My favorite flavor is Key Lime Pie!

The discount applies all month long, no limits, and also applies to purchases made at the office!

At the online store, use the code HCPC416HOLIDAY today through the end of December to receive your discount!