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Supplements Lead to a Longer, Healthier Life

If you’re looking for an easy way to improve your mental and physical health, nutritional supplements could be the answer. New findings suggest that in addition to enhancing holistic mental and physical wellness, supplements could lengthen your lifespan. Though nothing can replace the benefits of organic food and exercise, nutritional supplements have begun their journey to becoming the best new medical break-through. No pain or nasty side effects included.

Earlier this week, the Huffington Post published an article on the anti-aging effects of nutritional supplements. At McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Professor David Rollo gave mice bagel bits soaked in a mixture of supplements like B vitamins, vitamin D, ginseng and garlic. The supplement-snacking mice lived longer than those without special food. Even better, the supplement-enhanced mice maintained memory function in their old age. According to Rollo, “If you put them on a supplement, they actually learn better as they age…their brain function is remarkable.”

This news is an important discovery that will help legitimize natural medical strategies and strengthen the case for daily attention to wellness. DrDeborah believes that well-balanced nutrition can be a valid alternative to pharmaceuticals. Supplements are inexpensive, carry proven health benefits, and introduce no artificial ingredients into your physical make-up.

Thankfully, more and more health leaders have shifted from prescribing fix-it medications to encouraging sustainable habits from the get-go. If we take care of ourselves holistically, our life’s path is simply less likely to intersect with illness. This means a longer, fuller life. Professor Rollo’s scientific findings are a key development in proving the powerful potential of taking supplements.

Some vitamins or multivitamin pills, can be safely taken on a daily basis. Other supplements have greater benefit to people affected by certain sicknesses or genetic predispositions. The point is, you can benefit from discovering your perfect mix. DrDeborahMD's store carries a variety of supplements. If you’re not sure what you should take, schedule a consultation and plan the best course of action for your individual health needs. Work supplements into your daily routine (an easy way to break the habit of ignoring your body!) and you may find you start to think faster, move easier, and feel better. Plus if the mouse’s results translate, you’ll live longer with stronger mental capacity.

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