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Not exactly real news, but news to me, is a promising use of the supplement Resveratrol for bone health. I stumbled upon this article while researching a related topic, but it instantly caught my attention.Background: one of the observations about... [read more]
Conventional media has picked up a sliver of the Paleo, Low-Carb eating craze by interviewing, albeit briefly, Dr. William Davis on CBS This Morning, September 3, 2012. Congrats to them for addressing a small part of several controversies: the... [read more]
The art and science of medicine comprise a culture that thinks it is a science. Certain beliefs are accepted as fact when truly they are only the custom of the moment. For instance, it is often repeated that locally applied corticosteroids - asthma... [read more]
If you are troubled by sinus congestion and have read the Healthy Steps for sinus health, you already know what hit the New York Times this week, a reminder about using only distilled or carefully filtered water for sinus irrigation, with or... [read more]
First the background, then the news.  When I first heard about fluoridation of drinking water, probably as a teenager in the 1960’s, the only opponents were the John Birch Society members who saw fluoride as a government plot, and I assumed... [read more]
The Economist is not a usual source of health information, but a recent article offers a substantial and valuable insight into our well-being.  The article describes the various functions of the microbes  - bacteria and other microbes living... [read more]
A mapping organization had a clever idea, and they mapped the location of Farmers’ Markets all across the United States as well as the obesity rates. It turns out that areas with the lowest obesity rates have three times as many Markets as those... [read more]
Chocolate intake has been studied for various health effects and has already been associated with lower blood pressure, lower LDL cholesterol, and increased endorphin production. That on top of its taste (OK, that’s a personal decision, I know) is... [read more]
And the news isn't pretty. Even the healthiest states, the palest on the CDC map, have nothing to brag about. At a 20-25% obesity rate, any state should still be mortified and, more importantly, motivated. The CDC is the arm of the federal... [read more]
Two sobering stories released about adolescents and cardiovascular risk. The first catalogues the distressing degree of cardiovascular disease present in today's teens, with 2-3 or more cardiovascular risk factors present in the overweight and... [read more]