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A noteworthy study was reported in a NYTimes article describing the impact of weight loss in a group of obese patients with psoriasis. The weight loss intervention was unfortunately the standard low-calorie approach, rather than a truly anti-... [read more]
Glen Lawrence, of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Long Island University, has written a categorical review of the existing research on dietary fats and their impact on health markers and health itself. Published in Advances in... [read more]
A frequent reader of this site will know that I am no fan of the drugs known as "statins" as a routine prescription. I have no argument with the clear indication of benefit when statins are used in men with known heart disease, following an actual... [read more]
Some wonderful news that we should remember during flu season. An article recently published in the NY Times describes a study reporting that despite the prevailing misconception to the contrary, older people (over 65 no longer qualifies as elderly... [read more]
Among the most devastating of food-borne illnesses are the E. Coli infections contracted through eating contaminated meat. A recent study confirmed that a healthy and diverse flora in one's own intestines can be protective against invasive... [read more]
Glen Lawrence, from the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Long Island University, has published a comprehensive review of the relationship between dietary fats and health in the May Advances in Nutrition in which he summarizes the well-... [read more]
One of the perplexing issues surrounding the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis has been all the hazards (increased ortality, increased cardiovascular disease) associated with the conventional medical recommendation to increase calcium intake... [read more]
If you have followed recent statistics on childhood health, you know that children are showing an alarming increase in allergies and eczema. The allergies range from life-threatening food allergies to simple respiratory allergies, sometimes... [read more]
I have asked before on this site, “How did you sleep?”, because I may be even more convinced than you are on the benefits of sleeping well. In fact, sleep problems are among the most commonly cited reasons for seeking medical attention. We all know... [read more]
There have been a few articles in the news recently (is it because the weather is finally turning us to outdoor exercise?) on exercise benefits and strategies, worth sharing with those of you interested in optimizing your health.Warm up? Cool down... [read more]