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Find a Practitioner

I receive phone calls and emails from people on a regular basis, asking for suggestions of a physician near to them who shares my philosophy, who is interested in understanding your health and your health challenges, and who wants to help you do what you can to optimize your health. 

Here are a few sites that I would use if I moved somewhere and wanted to find a new doctor:

Formerly known as Primal Docs, the re-invigorated Re-Find Health website lists practitioners all over the world, including those with a paleo or primal orientation, as well as functional medicine practitioners, health coaches, and more.

Paleo Physicians Network also has a physician listing. As well as a very nice graphic which I'll copy here, which I hope applies to all the physician referrals I offer on this page!



Slightly different, but compatible with the theme, would be the Institute for Functional Medicine's referral page, not necessarily paleo and could be (gasp!) plant-based, but always with a good understanding of how the body works and can heal.


Great news! There is now a page that lists practitioners trained in Dr. Bredesen's Alzheimer's reveral protocol. Way beyond that, it offers prospective patients the opportunity to sign up for a year-long affiliation with the educational materials and videos offered by Dr. Bredesen himself. The website promises to grow with more information about the many lifestyle changes that are part of the protocol: just how does one change their diet to match Dr. Bredesen's Ketoflex recommendations? It will all be found on