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Ghee Instead of Butter, Please

Unless you grew up in a home where traditional Indian cooking was the norm, you may not be totally familiar with ghee, or clarified butter. In fact, you may be thinking that clarified butter sounds awfully artery clogging, and avoid it completely.

However, if you're looking for a great butter substitute, ghee is the way to go. So what is ghee, exactly?

Myth: Meat Makes You Gain Weight

meat weight lossGetting healthy, losing weight, and lowering your glycemic count is an admirable goal, and one we should all be considering as we head out for our weekly grocery shopping. While the temptation is to restrict as many calories as possible -- oftentimes by cutting out meat -- as you're stocking up on your dark leafy greens at the farmer's market, don't forget the organic, grass-fed, steak.

If your goal is to eat healthy, and lose weight, you're going to need some heft in your meals so you aren't left hungry, shaky, and tempted to go back to your old ways of filling up on bread. Protein and fat will leave you satiated and less tempted to scrounge around your cabinets for a sugar fix that will sabotage your diet, and leave you feeling gross.

In fact, there is yet another study on dieting and weight loss that shows eating meat can help you lose more weight in the long term, and in fact is just as good in the weight loss fight as going all fruits and veggies.

Wheat-Free Meatloaf is the Ultimate Comfort Food


Meatloaf is a family favorite for good reason; it's filling, delicious, and easy to get on the dinner table. Of course if you can't -- or don't want to -- eat gluten, you'll have to adapt your traditional meatloaf recipe to your new needs.

In addition to getting the grains out of your diet, ditching the breadcrumbs or wheat germ for a more fiber-packed and low sugar substitute like coconut flour can be a huge win.

The trick to substituting coconut flour into any recipe is to remember that coconut flour is very absorbent. You don't want to use the same amount of coconut flour as you would wheat flour in a recipe. In fact, using only 10 -- 30% as much as your recipe calls for is a safe bet. And adding in more eggs to your recipe is the best way to keep your loaf moist, and bound together.

Here's how you can make a healthier version of meatloaf.

Squash That Sugar Craving

sugar craving

As a bona fide sweet tooth, it's difficult to bypass the oatmeal cookies for a carrot stick. Considering the not-so-hot side effects of sugar, however, we all totally should. Whether it's high fructose corn syrup, brown sugar, or straight-up refined white sugar, none of those sweet things are good for you.

You know sugar can cause you to gain weight, but did you also know it's a culprit in many other illnesses as well? Diabetes immediately comes to mind, and sugar can also cause heart disease and possibly even cancer. That huge slice of chocolate cake isn't sounding so great anymore, is it?

Morning Scramble To Start Your Day Right

If you really want to make breakfast the most important meal of the day, why not give yourself a huge nutritional boost first thing in the morning, by skipping the cereal and trying a morning scramble with greens, protein, and an array of vitamins and minerals. This recipe for a healthy morning scramble will make leafy greens part of your usual meal rotation, and will not only save you money in the grocery store, but also provide you with vital fiber and nutrients you need to be healthy. Combining greens with healthy proteins and fats will enable your body to absorb the nutrients and leave you completely satisfied until your next meal.

Anytime you can start your day with cholesterol lowering, and heart healthy garlic and onions is a win as well. Especially during cold and flu season (and any other time of the year), garlic and onions contain bacteria-fighting sulfur and vitamin C.

When choosing your dark leafy green, experiment to see which you prefer. The mildest dark, leafy, green will be something in the chard family, and the more intense flavors will be your spinach and kales.As you’re preparing all of these amazing foods, you want to be sure to avoid toxicity and the mass consumption of free radicals. Any time you’re cooking with high heat, be sure to use the best oil for the job. You want an oil that is solid at room temperature, such as coconut oil to cook all of these goodies up in the healthiest way possible. If you have any fat from cooking duck or chicken, that’s also a fantastic choice, as is organic lard, butter, or ghee.

Here’s how to create a nutrient-packed, incredibly delicious morning scramble to start your day off right: