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I have written before about sarcopenia which I see as an increasing problem among folks as we age, seriously impacting quality of life when it becomes significant. We naturally lose muscle bulk (and effectiveness) as we age, a loss that leads to... [read more]
… and Their Better SubstitutesWhen applied to bombs, the adjective “dirty” implies the presence of radioactive material in addition to conventional explosives, the radioactivity serving to contaminate the area of the bomb, making it inhospitable to... [read more]
Snowed in this weekend meant movie-time, and one jewel we watched was The Company You Keep, directed by and starring Robert Redford, about some proverbial legal chickens coming home to roost decades later for some 1970’s-era radicals. By surrender... [read more]
Of the various medical freebies I receive in the mail, I only read two of them. One is the monthly American Family Physician, which enables me to do continuing education at home, so I can pursue my serious education at non-accredited conferences on... [read more]
Here’s a statistic for you: For every 2000 women obtaining annual mammogram screening for 10 years, 1 less woman will die of breast cancer. 20,000 mammograms will be performed. During that time, 10 women with non-threatening disease will receive a... [read more]
I know your physician has your best interests at heart when he or she notices a slight increase in your LDL ("bad") cholesterol and suggests that you further eliminate fats from your diet, or consider starting a statin medication. Your physician... [read more]
An Open Letter to the Weston A. Price and Paleo Communities:As a family doc who has been instructing people to eat a la Weston A Price Foundation (WAPF) for a decade, and Paleo for about 6 months, I was intrigued to see the recent furor between the... [read more]
Before you decide you don't have time to read about playing (of all things!), consider that play has a powerful benefit for adults as well as children. Researchers in the mental health field have explored the area of “positive psychology”, learning... [read more]
And I imagine most of you do, also. Sometimes it seems that the focus of health advice, including mine, is more about what you can’t eat than what there is to enjoy about food. What’s there left to enjoy if you’re not eating gluten – or all grains... [read more]
I have been concerned recently with the way we physicians make a diagnosis of insulin resistance: we're late. We wait to make the diagnosis until it's “definite”, but by then it's also advanced and more difficult to reverse. Meanwhile, we have... [read more]