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Several times a day, I find myself discussing chemistry and currency with my patients. The chemistry part is to describe what comprises a methyl group: a carbon atom with three atoms of hydrogen attached to it. And though I know nothing really... [read more]
Letting you in on a secret, here’s one of my pet peeves: men or pre-menopausal women writing about hormones. Typically they omit the subject of post-menopausal hormones, OR if they do cover them, their conclusion is to use as little as possible for... [read more]
IMeRG Emerging Last weekend, February 28, 2015, I gave a quick five-minute presentation to the first meeting of our local IMeRG group. I want to tell you about the event and the group. First, IMeRG is the brainchild of one of our local physicians,... [read more]
In January I was fortunate to spend three days in Scottsdale, Arizona, with a small group of physicians. We had traveled from the US, Canada, and Norway to participate in the third annual educational meeting of Physicians and Ancestral Health (PAH... [read more]
The first time I suggested to Stan that he might improve his obesity, diabetes, and irritable bowel by eliminating grains from his diet, he thought it over seriously. He took the suggestion home to his wife, somewhat of a gourmet chef, who... [read more]
“I want to know how many of these capsules YOU take!” protested a patient recently, when she brought in a supplement list that I could not reasonably shorten for her. (I like to do a supplement review with patients – we commonly identify... [read more]
Keeping up with research includes not only reading the research, but reading the response to the research. I particularly enjoy thoughtful responses to our shifting store of medical and health knowledge. And sometimes I get a kick out of particular... [read more]
Have you tried Bulletproof Coffee (also known as butter coffee), the brainchild of Bulletproof Executive Dave Asprey? I was reluctant to try it, conjuring images of fermented yak butter forming an oily slick on weak tea. I not only loved it... [read more]
Have you ever opened one of my newsletters, only to quickly close it when you see an article suggesting you’re doing something wrong? Does reading articles on the internet contribute to a growing case of hypochondria (“Oh, no, maybe I have that... [read more]
Living in my tipi in the early 1970’s, we might have said we were “tuning in to our bodies” when we tried to figure out if being a vegetarian was a good idea, or if a particular job was taking too great a toll on our health. Ten years ago we would... [read more]