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Unless you grew up in a home where traditional Indian cooking was the norm, you may not be totally familiar with ghee, or clarified butter. In fact, you may be thinking that clarified butter sounds awfully artery clogging, and avoid it completely.... [read more]
The New York Times Sunday Review had a lovely article this past weekend about how the first step to meeting your New Year's resolution is to make a New Year's resolution.  If you have defined goals, you're more likely to meet them.  Wherever you... [read more]
People commonly look to the New Year as a time of renewal and optimistic goal setting. “This is the year I …(fill in the blank). It is a busy time for the fitness industry!But by March or April, the enthusiasm is gone and the new treadmill in the... [read more]
If you judged all food by its packaging, you might start to believe that low-fat is totally where it's at, for healthy eating. While you may feel good -- great even -- about purchasing the low-fat meal in the freezer, you could be much better off... [read more]
When women tell me that “someone told them” that they should be on statins, I’ve been pointing out that there is a serious lack of study concerning the health benefits and risks of statins used in women.   Women have long been neglected or assumed... [read more]
I came up with the idea for a blog when I walked outside one day and was assaulted by someone's offensively perfumed dryer sheet and thought I would write about Local Pollutions. Then I went to my office where the delivery truck was dropping off... [read more]
If you’re looking for an easy way to improve your mental and physical health, nutritional supplements could be the answer. New findings suggest that in addition to enhancing holistic mental and physical wellness, supplements could lengthen your... [read more]
If you really want to make breakfast the most important meal of the day, why not give yourself a huge nutritional boost first thing in the morning, by skipping the cereal and trying a morning scramble with greens, protein, and an array of vitamins... [read more]