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Today is day 30 and this has been my best (of three) one yet! As I mentioned last month, I added one allowed cheat (dairy in coffee, no more than once a day) and everything else didn’t even ask me to find a cheat for it. For some reason, I didn’t... [read more]
Just for fun, what do the experts say about healthy aging, are they right? Let's revisit the wisdom of the Blue Zones Solution by Dan Buettner as summarized by New York Times' columnist Tiffany Frasier, here. She also references a longer discussion... [read more]
Just this week (late August, 2016), I received my latest copy of the American Family Physician: it’s a handy journal for renewing my CME requirements and it’s a great reminder of basic family medicine protocols on a wide range of topics. One issue... [read more]
"Wait, so what are you saying, is HRT a good idea or not?" I was talking with a patient to whom I had recommended hormone replacement, but mentioned I had some concerns about "everyone" taking HRT. In fact, I do qualify my general advice, and... [read more]
I have been, as have many Americans and people around the world, shocked and grieved by the violent assault in Orlando, Florida, this week that left death and injury, fear and mayhem, in its wake. I was able to attend a community vigil held at the... [read more]
You can do a lot for yourself, for your own brain and memory health. You can improve your own memory by attending to clearly identified details of diet, lifestyle choices, and getting serious about some crucial supplements. I'll divide up your work... [read more]
A couple of exciting events have happened in the world of nutrition recently, causing feathers to ruffle and fur to fly!  The first was really a political move that shocked many. The National Food Policy Conference was organized for early... [read more]
A truly excellent clinician, podcaster, and researcher, Michael Ruscio, DC, recently focused his attention on Homocysteine. (You can read the transcript of his podcast here and stay tuned for an upcoming podcast of his in which we talk about it... [read more]
One of the most challenging aspects of my practice is trying to help people recover lost brain function: even when they know they have a problem, and want help for the problem, the path of relief is not straightforward. Intelligent people are... [read more]
I read a fair amount of medical research, but a topic that always catches my attention is anything related to breast health, specifically preventing breast cancer. Pretty much the same information applies for resolving fibrocystic breast disease or... [read more]